Choices Form the Building Blocks of Our Lives: WHY

Choices are the single most consistent thing in our lives, we are being faced with the battle of making them every single day. Despite this power of making choices being at our disposal we sometimes fall short of fully utilizing it or even making the right choices.

Most people believe that the power of choice is one of the biggest powers given to us humans, and I must say I agree.

Generally all actions are results of choices, it therefore means that our lives are greatly dependent and influenced by the choices we make every single moment of our lives and as there are consequences to our actions, indirectly, there are consequences to our choices.

However, very little amount of us humans realize this power, we even sometimes allow others use it against us, we allow others make choices for us because of our inability to make them for ourselves. We do this sometimes because the fear of making the wrong ones, or because of the complexities that sometimes comes with making choices.

But then again, the moment we realize that we are responsible for our lives, and the choices we make, the better choices we make and the better lives we live.

Your dream life is achievable provided you choose to pursue it, your dream job is achievable provided you make the choice to pursue it. With this said some might argue that are making those choices enough, we make choices like that everyday, but nothing changes.

My response is:

Sometimes our limitation is commitment, we make choices and not commit to it, yes making the choice is the first step, it is what allows you to weigh all options, and figure out a direction to follow, but what gets you to the destination is commitment, not being committed leaves you in self-doubt and eventually regret. The power of choice will not work without consistency and persistence.

If you are going to make a choice about any aspect of our life, it is important to understand its effect on your life, also there must be commitment on your own part towards following through else you will consistently leave in doubt and regret.

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