How best to use social media as an entrepreneur (Personally) to help your business grow.

Often times we read about how social media aids us in our business directly (I mean considering our business accounts across the social media platforms). When you take out time to study ground breaking entrepreneurs that leveraged social media, it had to do with their persona before the business.

People buy people am I right?

Imagine starting a business without you constantly crafting out strategies, building a team to assist you when things become more tasking, you will be a long way from success.

Having imagined that, consider yourself a reason why customers decide to buy the products or services of your business.

I know I haven’t mentioned social media, of which might have inspired you to read this. But let’s delve into it quickly;

Branding is a very vital business activity as it helps to create a long lasting impression (good or bad) in the minds of your prospects, customers etc. (even if they have never bought your product). This branding has to do more of ourselves than the business. The business draws its growth from our inspiration, ideas and innovations, which means it needs people to succeed.

Since the introduction of social media it has been easier to easily carry out most branding activities there, but it still gets down to putting a face on the brand. This face is not one face, it is all the faces of your team, staff, employees etc.

So as a business owner or entrepreneur, it is quite important to craft you social media presence to agree with your business ethics, your overall business branding activities can easily relate with your personal branding activities, from the kind of company you keep, the type of events you go to, the kind of books you read, the kind of contents you share, etc.

Below are a few points I would like you to take note of as an entrepreneur or business owner on your personal social media space

  1.  Talk about your view relating to your niche
  2.  Showcase your work ethics with your team or with partners or even clients
  3.  Write compelling contents that focuses on giving value to people.
  4.  Curate contents of others that you believe can be a source of inspiration or growth of others.

Let every move you take be geared towards growth or improvement of others (Building a business as an entrepreneur means building a solution for the world and it starts with you).

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