The Growth Process behind Collaboration and Co-working

First of all this post is for those who are have heard that collaboration is important, yet are still skeptical, those who have received constant preaching on the need for collaboration and are still not seeing reasons. This post is to affirm to you that, it is the way to go in recent times.

So lets start by defining what collaboration is, it is “the action of working with someone to produce something”. So when you collaborate, you are simply working with someone or some people to achieve a specific result.

Now that the definition is clear, let us delve into understanding why it is important. I believe you have heard the popular saying that “two heads are better than one” that is to say when working with someone or some people is better than working alone.

I will give another analogy, and I will focus on this saying “There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others” in the journey to growth and success people are needed, and the process of needing and working with these people clearly represents collaboration.

When working with others we benefit from a lot that in most cases cannot be gotten by working alone, and I will talk about these benefits shortly, actually in the next paragraph.

The major benefits from collaboration can be seen in the following areas

Speed: You will agree with me that with help from a friend or partner you could clean a two room apartment faster that when it was only you. This principle works the same when you are working on projects.

Leverage: There a lot to leverage when collaborating, one of which is skill. You will agree with me here that you do not need to know everything, you cannot even know everything so on each project you will need someone that can complement your skill. As a developer you could be exceptional with functions but not with aesthetics, this therefore gives room for collaboration.

I could go on and on with various benefits but I believe you get the point. In the creative world, the need to be timely is very important, that is why companies build teams, co-working spaces are constantly gaining patronage because the need to collaborate cannot be neglected.

With collaboration, learning is sure to take place regularly, we learn every day when we meet people, when we interact with people, and I know that you know that learning is very useful in the growth process of every forward thinking person.

So collaboration begets learning and learning begets growth.

Thank you for reading to the end, please leave a comment on what you think, and what you would love to read about and I will love to write about it. Check me out on Instagram and on LinkedIn where I document my journey and lessons I have learnt in my journey.

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    Posted at 08:07h, 07 May Reply

    Completely I share your opinion. It is excellent idea. I support you.

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